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Drinks and Ribs


I haven’t had a chance to update my little blog since I had a family emergency and had to leave town for a few weeks and I didn’t have anything prewritten since I tend to write  my posts  on a live basis.  However since I was gone and didn’t have access to my computer  or the internet I was able to get some recipes done and I will try to have those written up in advance that way if there’s ever an emergency I will have them all set up to be added without having to interrupt my timeline.

When I made the ribs recipe I jokingly asked my dad if we should make something to drink and he, of course, said yes but my mom was less than thrilled about that idea. I went ahead and looked for a drink that my dad likes which is called a Vampiro, I did look up the drink and how to make it but since this was the first time that I had ever made a drink  I wanted something simpler to make and so I went ahead and kept looking for drinks to make.  After visiting a few sites I went back to Pinterest and found a link for drinks to enjoy Tequila from Buzzfeed and found a very simple, two item drink called a Paloma. The link to the article is right here and I loved that it had a couple of drinks that were a little more complicated for a novice like me but for the most part they were very easy and simple to make. The paloma drink that I made was beyond easy to make and I loved that it used grapefruit soda instead of other kinds that are more common.  My dad really liked this drink but I think that I liked it the most out of both of us, so I will definitely be making this again even if my dad won’t drink it with me.


I have wanted to try grilling in the past but have decided against it since it seems to be the one thing my dad enjoys doing when it comes to helping out around the house.  I was going to use the grill as a way to bond with him but he prefers to do it on his own or with his friends when they come over for a carne asada.  Therefore when we made the ribs this time, I decided to look for a recipe where I could make them in the oven since my dad didn’t want to use the grill and I believe we were out of propane if I remember correctly. So once again I went to the ever trusty Pinterest site and found a great recipe for ribs made in the oven.  I found the recipe on the Chew Out Loud through Pinterest, the recipe itself was very easy to make, since I’ve been cooking lately we finally have spices in our house so I didn’t have to go out and buy anything extra for this recipe.


I really loved the sauce that went on top of this was beyond delicious! I know I always say that the food is delicious but this one was definitely one of my favorites in part thanks to the fact that this sauce used Sriracha and honey which are two of my favorite things.  I didn’t get to chill the ribs overnight like the recipe says but the ribs that I cooked where a lot smaller than the ones on the blog and for better or worse, depending on who you ask, I went ahead and baked these bad boys after only about two hours of having them in the refrigerator.  They still came out delicious. I actually ended up making a smaller second batch for my mom since she didn’t want her  ribs to be put on the grill. This recipe is definitely one that’s going to be going in my list for foods to make whenever we have company over.


Newest Obsession/Wonderful Wednesday

My newest obsession is this book right here.  This past weekend while my parents were out of town in Mexico I asked my sister if she wanted to go to Barnes and Noble to get out of the house for a little while.  She agreed right away and so we got ready and off we went to the mall and then to Barnes and Noble.  I usually don’t buy anything when I go to book stores because I know that I won’t end  up reading the books.  I walk in get a drink and browse for an hour or two but never usually find anything that makes me want to read.  It’s a very bad habit that I have of just window browsing and never settling on something to read, I don’t think I’ve read a book since I left high school and only about three months ago did I get into listening to audio-books.

When we got to the store my sister went and chose the book she wanted right away and I decided to browse for a little bit since I was already there.  While browsing this book was one of the first ones I noticed thanks to its fabulous cover.  Honestly this book makes me want to read more books just so that I can have a color coded bookshelf, but I know that won’t happen, at least not for the time being.   I read the back cover of the book and thought to myself that it seemed like and interesting book but was unsure not only about the book but also about me even getting to read the book so I made my sister read the cover and let me know her opinion.  She seemed confused at first as to why I was getting a book since I hadn’t even read a book in so long, even magazines I just flip through and skim articles.

As we know now I did end up getting the book and began to read it that same night before bed.  I decided that I wanted to read the book and be relaxed while reading it, so I made myself a hot tea and began to read while snuggled up in bed. Honestly I felt like I should have instagrammed my whole set up I felt so good and relaxed while reading thanks to it,I think that’s why I ended up enjoying reading this book even more.  I read the first three chapters on Saturday and Sunday, two on Monday, and three last night so I’m already up to chapter 11, this is the first book that I’ve read so far  into so I’m really enjoying it.  I really love the way this book was written and also the breaks that come within each chapter to show a different characters life and love problems.  I know I’m not into the book to get into the heartbreak yet but I can tell this is going to be one of the books that I’ll actually go through from start to finish.

I’ve spent so much time just being online and watching YouTube videos that I feel like I am a slow reader now and my reading comprehension feels slow and useless as well. Nonetheless I decided to read this book and I’m so glad I did.  I’m hoping to have this book finished before the end of the month that way I can give an actual review of the book and not talk about how I got the book in the first place.  Let’s look forward to reading the whole book this month and if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to keep reading let me know so I can try all the suggestions out.





Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

img_1003-1img_1001-1So after a long time of not updating what I’ve been cooking on Fridays I’ve decided to get back into it. Granted I only did it for two weeks, at least when it came to posting about what I cooked, so now I have a good amount of recipes that I’ve tried out in the last few weeks.  One of the first recipes I wanted to try to make were shrimp tacos, mostly because they are very easy to make and also very quick to cook. Usually shrimp cooks in less than 10 minutes so this was a perfect place to start as a novice cook.  Unfortunately for me shrimp tacos are a very popular tag on Pinterest as you can see on the previous link, so choosing a recipe to try out took a bit of time.  Ultimately though I decided on this Chipotle Shrimp Tacos recipe from Heather Christo  and am I glad I did! Not only was this recipe very easy to make but it also seemed to satisfy everyone in my family.  I should have made more shrimp specially since I know that my brothers really enjoy seafood but in all honesty I didn’t think they would be as well accepted as they were and it had nothing to do with the food or recipe themselves but mostly that my brothers don’t usually like to try what  I make for them.img_1002-1This recipe however, was one that everyone enjoyed and even got seconds and thirds of.  This recipe was beyond easy to make and the sauce that goes with it gave it that extra umf that it needed to make it spicy enough for my father but also not entirely necessary so the rest of the family could go without it and still enjoy all the flavors. This recipe is definitely one of the ones that are going to be reserved in the too lazy to make anything really fancy but still absolutely delicious and well made.  The most time consuming thing we had to do was wait for the shrimp to marinate in the spice rub and that only took 30 minutes and the spice rub itself only a few minutes to make.  img_1004-1

Tonto Natural Bridge 

Earlier this summer, at the beginning of July to be exact, a friend of mine came in to town from out of the country and she said she wanted to explore Arizona a little bit more so she asked if  I would go with her and her family up to Tonto Natural Bridge for a day.  My best friend went as well, she drove myself and two other guests, the drive was a total blast. The drive wasn’t very scenic but driving up there with my friend and getting to know the two other guests was really entertaining.  I thought we were going to go and have a small picnic but due to a change of plans we ended up going on a hike down Tonto Natural Bridge. I was actually not prepared at all for this hike and I have a wonky knee so I was dreading going and doing the hike but I am so glad that I did it, because not only was it beautiful but I totally loved being able to slide on some of the rocks in order to get to the other side of the small waterfall. As you can see the drive consisted of a lot of trees, which was great because down in the city we don’t have a lot of trees close by.We saw this family of what I think are boars outside of the entrance/exit of the bridge.After climbing and sliding down the rocks being able to see this tiny waterfall was absolutely breathtaking. Plus it didn’t hurt that once you got into this area you could sit practically anywhere and feel an amazing breeze all over which really helped to cool everybody off.I think this shot of the water hitting the rocks is my favorite shot of the day. Every time I look at I can feel the wind blowing through my hair and the water droplets bouncing off of the rocks and into my face and body.  The cool sensation the droplets left on me is something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

If anyone is interested in going you can find information at the Arizona State Parks website. The bridge usually closes all trails at 4PM but if you get there around noon or earlier it’ll be  more than enough time to enjoy the trails.

Friday Family Dinner-Cajun Shrimp and Rice


After the delicious snack that was the bulgogi kimchi nachos my brothers and mom were asking me what I was going to make next.  I was actually very confused on what I should make, I usually enjoy a lot of Asian foods but my family doesn’t even want to try it so I knew that was out of the question and I didn’t know where to begin looking for a recipe to make.  What I did know however, was that I didn’t want to make anything that my mom makes a lot of. This included things like tacos, soups, and rices. Obviously things didn’t go as planned since I ended up making rice but with a little twist.

Since I usually procrastinate until the last minute I was up on Friday morning looking for some recipes to make and after hours of looking for a recipe (I actually spent more time watching YouTube videos then I did looking for recipes if I’m completely honest) I found a great Cajun Shrimp and Rice recipe to try.  The recipe looked simple enough to make and I already had quite a few of the ingredients at home so I decided to go the easy route and make this instead of something completely new. I also made this since my family really likes seafood and is always ok with food that has shrimp, I mean one of our favorite foods as a family is my dads ceviche we always make a big batch of it and it doesn’t last more than a day.  Anyways back to the rice I wanted to make a side salad with this recipe but decided against it because I knew that once my brothers saw that they wouldn’t even want to have anything else so I made the rice and added some cucumber slices with lemon on top since that’s one of their favorite snacks of all time.

All in all this recipe was super easy to make it only took about half an hour to make this and that was mostly because I get sidetracked easily and spent a lot of time washing my hands after changing the songs on Spotify. The recipe was well written and easy to follow I mean it did come from Food Network after all.  The best part is that I was right my brothers and parents really enjoyed this recipe.  Both of my brothers got seconds and also had some the next day. It says that it was enough for four people and since my mom didn’t eat much the day I made it but ate on the second day there was definitely enough food to go around for us. I think the only thing I would maybe change about this recipe is putting a little less parsley in, I’m not sure if it was because I’m not used to the taste of parsley or if the pieces I put in were too big but the parsley was a little overpowering for me at some points but other than that the food was delicious and I will definitely have this in my recipe book to make sometime soon.

Friday Family Dinner


For the past few weeks I’ve been in charge of making some sort of meal for my family on Fridays, mostly my mom, dad, sister and I since my brothers usually eat outside.  I was given this task since my mom gets very stressed out about making the same meals over and over again and my family was getting tired of eating that same things over and over as well.

This all began when the Copa Centenaria was being played and I made  a delicious snack for my family to enjoy.  I honestly didn’t think anyone besides me was going to enjoy the Kimchi Bulgogi Nachos but was pleasantly surprised when my dad and one of my brothers ate a majority of the nachos. My mom doesn’t like Kimchi or sweet sauces like the bulgogi sauce that was used so she didn’t even want to try the food, but seeing my dad and brothers reaction she joked that I should be in charge of cooking on the weekends.  I compromised that I would cook on Fridays since I don’t work on those days and also most weekends we are out at family parties, simple family gatherings, and just plain eating at fast food places or restaurants that my dad likes so I didn’t want to adhere to a three day cooking schedule when most weekends three days wouldn’t even be available.   Since then I’ve been cooking every single Friday a different type of food and so far it seems that it’s going well for me.

I am going to let you know that I am by no means a cook.  If I’m being completely honest this is the first time that I’ve been in the kitchen for more than an hour at a time. I mean I help out my mom when she cooks but only with a few simple tasks like chopping vegetables or making sure things don’t get burned once they’re in the pots and pans while she’s out doing something else but I’ve never been in charge of doing a complete meal until the last few weeks.

Like I said the first meal/snack I made were some Kimchi Bulgogi Nachos from the awesome Closet Cooking website.  When I first saw this recipe I thought it would be a hard recipe since it said to make the bulgogi sauce but at the bottom I saw that you can replace it with a store bought brand and so I decided to do that.  Mostly because I wasn’t sure I could make the bulgogi sauce from scratch and also to save me some time since I really wanted to watch the games with my family. Since I bought the bulgogi sauce and I already had some leftover Kimchi from some Kimchi fried rice before it was a very easy recipe to complete.  All in all I think it took about half an hour to 45 minutes to complete since I took a few shortcuts as I mentioned before.  This recipe was super easy to assemble and delicious to eat.  I highly recommend going through the Closet Cooking website and looking for other recipes.  I spent quite a bit of time going through the website finding other recipes that I want to make for my family later on and already have quite a few saved on my laptop to make later on.

I will keep updating with the new recipes I try out and seeing what works for a total newbie in the kitchen like myself and what really doesn’t.

South Korea

At the end of last year I made a blog post with my bucket list dreams and I’ve decided that having things written out really makes the dream come alive again. So in order to continue with those dreams I’m going to make a new section for the reasons why I want to go visit a certain part of the world.  First up as we can all see is South Korea.

Now I know that South Korea is one of those places that a lot of different people want to visit not only for the beauty of the country but because of the great shopping in areas like Myeongdong and Dongdaemun where they have a lot of shops, or the awesome food like bibimbap or bulgogi, and also obviously the boom of the Hallyu Wave.  Honestly speaking I would love to go for the awesome food and the great photography you would be able to get not only in cities like Seoul or Busan but also in the countryside.

I’ve been interested in visiting South Korea ever since I listened to some kpop back in around 2006/07 and then found that the sense of humor on variety shows was exactly my type o humor.  Due to watching so many variety shows I’ve seen quite a few different parts of South Korea in shows like 1 Night 2 Days and a bit on shows like Cool Kiz on the Block which both can be found on the KBS World Youtube Channel.   Watching these shows and seeing so many different parts of the country already laid out with some of the best available has made South Korea one of my top places I’d love to travel to.

Earlier I mentioned the food right? Don’t even get me started on why I want to go and try the food.  As I live in the United States I’ve been able to get a small sense of what some of the food tastes like, obviously it’s not exactly how it would be in South Korea due to the different ingredients that they would have available and also that fact that when you’re in a new place the food always tastes so much better than whatever you may have tried at home. I’ve often found myself looking up some of the recipes I’ve tasted in restaurants here at home, but have never honestly made it past some Kimchi Fried Rice and bibimbap which are foods that can be made fairly easily and promptly.  I mostly don’t try the more aggressive recipes since I’m not that much of  a cook anyway and I’m scared that I’ll mess up trying to make the food and then it’ll ruin my chances of trying said food again.

One day I’ll be able to go and eat all the food that I want to eat and see some amazing sights.

Wonderful Wednesday


It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I have been working and life just seems to have been getting in the way of logging on.  As of today my life is actually pretty great, I absolutely love my job and have just started working 10 hours shifts four days a week. Well this week it’s only a three day week so I’m a little sad that my check is going to be short but I’m quite excited to be at home and to rest my feet for four whole days!!! For today’s wonderful Wednesday I’m going to talk to leave you with a list of all the things that made me smile this week.

  • Working the new schedule means that I get to spend weekends at home.
  • This also means that if I want to and have the resources I can travel around the state quite often.
  • Also with this extra time off I want to work on cooking at home foods that actually seem appetizing and get out of the food rut I’m in.

I’ll update this once I start cooking.

Wonderful Wednesday

Today’s Wonderful Wednesday is all about podcasts!

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately since we are allowed to have music at work and not only do I love the podcast mentioned below for being entertaining and informative but also because they make my days go so much faster.   There is one specific podcast that I must listen to as soon as a new episode comes out.  So in no particular order below are my favorite podcasts at the moment.

  • Anna Faris is Unqualified  – This podcast is honestly one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard in my life! I love the relationship that Anna is able to have with all of her guests on the show as well as with the listeners of the show.  Although the title says that she is unqualified to give advice I find myself agreeing with her on most points that she makes, there may be one or two things were we don’t see eye to eye but she makes great points for her reasoning.  Basically the show is about Anna giving out advice to listeners who send out questions to her and the celebrity guests of the show.  I think that everyone needs to listen to this podcast at least once and fall in love with it as much as I did.
  • Ladies Who Lunch  –  This podcast is hosted by two YouTuber’s Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes.  I enjoy this podcast because they discuss various issues that resonate with me in a personal way and I also enjoy that they obviously want to talk about major issues that are going on in today’s world.  My favorite part of this podcast is that the girls read a letter out loud and give out advice to the sender of the letter but also make it very clear at the end of the episode that if you want to remain anonymous it can be done.  This podcast hasn’t been out that long but it has become one of my favorites already.
  • Travel with Rick Steves – This podcast is actually a radio show that Rick Steve does but also happens to make into a podcast.  I have been going through all of his podcasts and listen to the new ones as they come out but have also gone back into the archives on the iphone app and listened to all off 2010 and more than half of 2011 so far.  This podcast inspires me to travel and makes my wanderlust come in full force.  One of my favorite episodes are the ones where they speak about he refugee situation going on in Europe today.  Having the panelists from the countries where things are going on gives the place new life for me.  Although there are a lot of episodes that revolve around Europe I enjoy listening to the episodes from other parts of the world specially since Rick has some insight into those places as well.

I would love new suggestions to add to my podcast list to update it and also to listen to different points of views.  Let me know if you guys have listened to any of these podcasts and if so if you have any favorite episodes too.