So a few months ago way back during summer here in Arizona my family decided to take a day trip to the river, and all I can say is that it was absolutely amazing!  Honestly I didn’t really want to go in at first when we got there because one I had my phone on me and didn’t want to lose it and two the water was just so cold when I dipped my feet in.  After that initial struggle with the water though it was an absolute blast when I went in.  I really wish I could go back again but the water is going to be too cold now, so I’ll leave it until next summer to go back.

This next few pictures are actually of the drive to and from the river.  We didn’t stop anywhere to take them, I just took them from my phone as we were driving so the quality isn’t that great but I think the drive was as fun to watch as was the time we spent in the river. 


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