Drama Obsession

So I was sitting at the library trying to job hunt a little bit when I got distracted and ended up on Viki and started to watch this drama called Moon River.   In all honesty I haven’t watched a Taiwanese drama since like 2009 or 2010 when I was obsessed with Devil Beside You, I was browsing Youtube and ended up on the first episode of Devil Beside You and  was hooked!  I binge watched the whole series in about three days and kept going back to see my favorite episodes bit by bit later on.  Anyways back to Moon River, so I was on Viki and needed something else to watch since I had already seen the latest episode of Sassy Go Go and for some reason have completely lost interest in She Was Pretty, I spent about 5 hours watching Moon River and ended up at episode 10. It doesn’t make sense right? Each episode about 45 minutes  long and with no commercials I just flew through all the episodes and ended up there.

I really like the idol dramas though so it’s no surprised that I like this one.  My only thing is that I actually don’t know of the actors in this series but that’s mostly due to the fact that I usually stay in the Kpop/Kdrama zone, but I will have to go and learn more about these actors now.  I really like the acting and the plot, but I think my favorite thing about the drama is the fact that the lead actress isn’t someone who is weak and can’t take care of herself.  Her personality shines through in absolutely everything she does and the fact that  it was written like and acted out so well just brings joy to my little heart. I’ve always been  a sucker for the bad boy leading male but Liu Bing just takes it to another level. His bad boy attitude is also really in tune with his feelings so it makes him a whole lot more likeable, and the initial dislike for the usual bad boys isn’t there because of it.  Liu Bing’s relationship with Xiao Xi progressed at a pretty good speed in terms of their friendship being established.  I still haven’t seen a whole lot of slow scenes, which for someone who like to have things done fast and has a short attention span is absolutely perfect.  I can’t wait to see the rivalry between Liu Bing and  Jian Che blossom.

I’m glad I found it when this drama when it was almost done.  Viki has up to episode 29 already subbed and episode 30 should come on today so it should be subbed by the awesome people there by the time I get through the rest of the episodes.


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