New Year 2015

So this is a throwback Thursday kind of post, I’ve had this in my drafts for about three months and never did anything with it, mostly because I didn’t have a computer to use but now that I have one I will be blogging more often.  At least I hope I will….you never know with me, one day I say one thing and the next day the tune changes completely.

For now at least I’ll be working on this blog.  Let’ see where it takes me down the road.


So for this past new year my parents, my younger sister, and I decided that we wanted to see the snow for new years so our plan was to go to Flagstaff.  That didn’t work out however due to weather conditions. While driving to Flagstaff it was reported that no one was allowed in or out of Flagstaff due to a snow storm that had been pretty serious the last couple of days.  We were already more than halfway to Flagstaff when we heard that and decided that we didn’t want to go back so we went to the nearest place which at the time was Payson, it was so beautiful!!


One of the many pictures I took while driving through Payson.  I’m pretty sure this is when we were driving around trying to find a place to stop and play in the snow.

After driving around for a little bit we on the second day we were there we found this great lake that had an amazing view.

It didn’t hurt that the lake had a whole bunch of ducks and geese swimming so close to the edge to make this an unforgettable experience.

As you can tell from all these pictures I really like the snow.





This is what we woke up to right outside our hotel window.
I really like to leave snow tracks everywhere there is snow.


I really liked this tree!

Driving out of town with less snow in sight.


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