South Korea

At the end of last year I made a blog post with my bucket list dreams and I’ve decided that having things written out really makes the dream come alive again. So in order to continue with those dreams I’m going to make a new section for the reasons why I want to go visit a certain part of the world.  First up as we can all see is South Korea.

Now I know that South Korea is one of those places that a lot of different people want to visit not only for the beauty of the country but because of the great shopping in areas like Myeongdong and Dongdaemun where they have a lot of shops, or the awesome food like bibimbap or bulgogi, and also obviously the boom of the Hallyu Wave.  Honestly speaking I would love to go for the awesome food and the great photography you would be able to get not only in cities like Seoul or Busan but also in the countryside.

I’ve been interested in visiting South Korea ever since I listened to some kpop back in around 2006/07 and then found that the sense of humor on variety shows was exactly my type o humor.  Due to watching so many variety shows I’ve seen quite a few different parts of South Korea in shows like 1 Night 2 Days and a bit on shows like Cool Kiz on the Block which both can be found on the KBS World Youtube Channel.   Watching these shows and seeing so many different parts of the country already laid out with some of the best available has made South Korea one of my top places I’d love to travel to.

Earlier I mentioned the food right? Don’t even get me started on why I want to go and try the food.  As I live in the United States I’ve been able to get a small sense of what some of the food tastes like, obviously it’s not exactly how it would be in South Korea due to the different ingredients that they would have available and also that fact that when you’re in a new place the food always tastes so much better than whatever you may have tried at home. I’ve often found myself looking up some of the recipes I’ve tasted in restaurants here at home, but have never honestly made it past some Kimchi Fried Rice and bibimbap which are foods that can be made fairly easily and promptly.  I mostly don’t try the more aggressive recipes since I’m not that much of  a cook anyway and I’m scared that I’ll mess up trying to make the food and then it’ll ruin my chances of trying said food again.

One day I’ll be able to go and eat all the food that I want to eat and see some amazing sights.


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