Friday Family Dinner-Cajun Shrimp and Rice


After the delicious snack that was the bulgogi kimchi nachos my brothers and mom were asking me what I was going to make next.  I was actually very confused on what I should make, I usually enjoy a lot of Asian foods but my family doesn’t even want to try it so I knew that was out of the question and I didn’t know where to begin looking for a recipe to make.  What I did know however, was that I didn’t want to make anything that my mom makes a lot of. This included things like tacos, soups, and rices. Obviously things didn’t go as planned since I ended up making rice but with a little twist.

Since I usually procrastinate until the last minute I was up on Friday morning looking for some recipes to make and after hours of looking for a recipe (I actually spent more time watching YouTube videos then I did looking for recipes if I’m completely honest) I found a great Cajun Shrimp and Rice recipe to try.  The recipe looked simple enough to make and I already had quite a few of the ingredients at home so I decided to go the easy route and make this instead of something completely new. I also made this since my family really likes seafood and is always ok with food that has shrimp, I mean one of our favorite foods as a family is my dads ceviche we always make a big batch of it and it doesn’t last more than a day.  Anyways back to the rice I wanted to make a side salad with this recipe but decided against it because I knew that once my brothers saw that they wouldn’t even want to have anything else so I made the rice and added some cucumber slices with lemon on top since that’s one of their favorite snacks of all time.

All in all this recipe was super easy to make it only took about half an hour to make this and that was mostly because I get sidetracked easily and spent a lot of time washing my hands after changing the songs on Spotify. The recipe was well written and easy to follow I mean it did come from Food Network after all.  The best part is that I was right my brothers and parents really enjoyed this recipe.  Both of my brothers got seconds and also had some the next day. It says that it was enough for four people and since my mom didn’t eat much the day I made it but ate on the second day there was definitely enough food to go around for us. I think the only thing I would maybe change about this recipe is putting a little less parsley in, I’m not sure if it was because I’m not used to the taste of parsley or if the pieces I put in were too big but the parsley was a little overpowering for me at some points but other than that the food was delicious and I will definitely have this in my recipe book to make sometime soon.


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