Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a fun day all around and to celebrate that here is a list of my top 5 K-pop songs ever.

  • Big Bang-Crazy Dog
  • 2NE1-Pretty Boy
  • Freestyle-Y
  • Brave Girls-Easily
  • G-Dragon-R.O.D

As you can see from this list I have very particular tastes when it comes to music and I tend to by YG biased.

Anyways today was a fun day at work and at home as well.  The day seemed to fly at work and that makes me very happy because it means that I’m doing something that either interests me a little bit or challenges me to work hard and not focus on time.  It also helps me to focus on the task at hand and not worry about problems that I may be facing elsewhere so here’s to a wonderful day at work and hopefully it’ll stay like this for a while!


Wonderful Wednesday

I just wrote a post about making writing a habit and here I am once again late, but better late than never right?

Yesterday nothing really exciting happened it was just a regular day. I didn’t see anything that made my day nor made me smile for no reason at all. I did however have great and enjoyable day just resting and being 100% comfortable with the decisions I’ve made thus far.  They aren’t decisions that I would make again if given the chance, but given the circumstances my life isn’t as bad as I originally thought.  That in itself was a great reason to be alive and bustling around with my family.  Also I’ve decided that instead of getting a gym membership I’m going to go to some group classes. I’m hoping that this way I can get motivated to work out and live a healthy lifestyle and also make some friends and acquaintances along the way.  What better way to start off the new year than by finally doing something to help myself a little bit.

How do I start?

That is the question I have been asking myself for the past week.  How do I start making a change in my life?  I’m not the type of person that just goes for things, I’m the type of person that wants something bad but won’t do anything about it because there are always if’s and and’s to every thing I want.  I want to go to college…but what if I don’t like what I’m going to study? What if there are no jobs available after I graduate? What if they don’t pay enough for me to support myself? Maybe I should just work…but what if I don’t like where I work? What if I can’t get hired because I have no prior experience in anything?  Maybe I’ll just stay as I am.

I’ve got to get myself to start thinking and believing in myself and in my abilities to do something with my life.  I’m not sure which option is better but doing something is definitely better than doing nothing.