Tonto Natural Bridge 

Earlier this summer, at the beginning of July to be exact, a friend of mine came in to town from out of the country and she said she wanted to explore Arizona a little bit more so she asked if  I would go with her and her family up to Tonto Natural Bridge for a day.  My best friend went as well, she drove myself and two other guests, the drive was a total blast. The drive wasn’t very scenic but driving up there with my friend and getting to know the two other guests was really entertaining.  I thought we were going to go and have a small picnic but due to a change of plans we ended up going on a hike down Tonto Natural Bridge. I was actually not prepared at all for this hike and I have a wonky knee so I was dreading going and doing the hike but I am so glad that I did it, because not only was it beautiful but I totally loved being able to slide on some of the rocks in order to get to the other side of the small waterfall. As you can see the drive consisted of a lot of trees, which was great because down in the city we don’t have a lot of trees close by.We saw this family of what I think are boars outside of the entrance/exit of the bridge.After climbing and sliding down the rocks being able to see this tiny waterfall was absolutely breathtaking. Plus it didn’t hurt that once you got into this area you could sit practically anywhere and feel an amazing breeze all over which really helped to cool everybody off.I think this shot of the water hitting the rocks is my favorite shot of the day. Every time I look at I can feel the wind blowing through my hair and the water droplets bouncing off of the rocks and into my face and body.  The cool sensation the droplets left on me is something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

If anyone is interested in going you can find information at the Arizona State Parks website. The bridge usually closes all trails at 4PM but if you get there around noon or earlier it’ll be  more than enough time to enjoy the trails.


New Year 2015

So this is a throwback Thursday kind of post, I’ve had this in my drafts for about three months and never did anything with it, mostly because I didn’t have a computer to use but now that I have one I will be blogging more often.  At least I hope I will….you never know with me, one day I say one thing and the next day the tune changes completely.

For now at least I’ll be working on this blog.  Let’ see where it takes me down the road.


So for this past new year my parents, my younger sister, and I decided that we wanted to see the snow for new years so our plan was to go to Flagstaff.  That didn’t work out however due to weather conditions. While driving to Flagstaff it was reported that no one was allowed in or out of Flagstaff due to a snow storm that had been pretty serious the last couple of days.  We were already more than halfway to Flagstaff when we heard that and decided that we didn’t want to go back so we went to the nearest place which at the time was Payson, it was so beautiful!!


One of the many pictures I took while driving through Payson.  I’m pretty sure this is when we were driving around trying to find a place to stop and play in the snow.

After driving around for a little bit we on the second day we were there we found this great lake that had an amazing view.

It didn’t hurt that the lake had a whole bunch of ducks and geese swimming so close to the edge to make this an unforgettable experience.

As you can tell from all these pictures I really like the snow.





This is what we woke up to right outside our hotel window.
I really like to leave snow tracks everywhere there is snow.


I really liked this tree!

Driving out of town with less snow in sight.

El Paso, TX/Juarez

July 4th, 2015 was the first time that I’d ever been to El Paso Texas, and Ciudad Juarez.  My dad and I took my mom and younger sister there so she could go visit my grandma and the rest of her family for the second time in 17 years, needless to say she was very excited.  I think that I was the most excited one though since I hadn’t traveled anywhere near Mexico for about 10 years so I didn’t remember much of what it was like over there.  Even though I didn’t get a chance to go the small village where my parents are from I knew I was going to get a small dose of what it’s like to live in Mexico even if it was only for a few hours, and I was right.  I absolutely loved being there even if my parents didn’t want to go and wander around the city as much as I wanted to. I couldn’t go out and explore on my own due to the fact that my sister was with me while my mom was talking to her cousins in El Paso the whole time and I had not idea how where I was or how to get back to their house in less than 2 hours so I mostly walked around the neighborhood.

As you can probably tell from these pictures I really love seeing a whole city lit up.  I think I have this romantic idea of what a city should look like when everything is dark and all the lights come on I fall in love with a city all over again.  I don’t have a chance to see Phoenix lit up like that due to the fact that all our roads are pretty much flat and also that I live in a house so I can’t see past my street when walking around.

When I was walking around with my sister in El Paso right before the sunset we saw this really cool lamp post at a house.  It has 5 different colored lamp shades, all pastel colors, so when you walked by and the lights were on it was absolutely gorgeous!

This is on our way over to Juarez.

I love eating paletas even here in the U.S but there is something so delicious about the ones in Mexico.  I don’t know what it is about them but even looking at this picture I can taste the creamy, icy, crunchy paletas.  My favorite is the one below, it is a pistachio flavored ice pop.

This was the first time I saw motorcycles being used for delivery.  I’m used to cars being driven for pizza deliveries so of course I had to get this picture.

I honestly think that the thing I miss the most about being in my parents home villages is this type of atmosphere below.  Every Sunday after church we would go to the plaza just to talk and gossip with all the people from the village and my brothers and I always got some sort of treat since my parents were in the U.S and they left my brothers and I with my grandma for about a year.  Seeing all the people gather around to listen to the music and to just enjoy being outside really made me wish I could go with my mom and sister to Durango.

The main reason I took this photo is because I remember going to school and using some of these items when I was growing up.  One of the things that amazed me the most was the fact that they still had the papeleria’s available.  A papeleria is basically a store where they sell mostly school supplies and a few random knick-knacks here and there.  After being in the U.S for so long I assumed they would be obsolete and that school supplies would be sold at the big chain store like they are here, but seeing the papeleria’s still open really brought back quite a few memories  back to me.

Cajeta is one of my favorite Mexican snacks ever! I feel like all snacks are my favorite snacks but the sticky gooey cajeta definitely takes the cake.

It was a pretty long drive back, but so worth it even if I only got to be in Juarez for a couple of hours.